New York Central Station

Lovejoy Street and Lindbergh Drive

architect: Alfred T. Fellheimer and Steward Wagner

owner: New York Central Railroad
Amtrack (1971)
Anthony Fedele & Galesi Realty (1979)
Thomas Telesco (1986)
Central Terminal Restoration Corporation (1997)

years built: 1927

demolished: 1960s
Pullman Services Building
Coach Shop
Ice House
Power House

Despite the fact that its corner tower is a miniature skyscraper of the City Hall type this station achieves a grandiose scale together with a bold expression of function and construction in its great vaulted concourse.

The low wing to the right is an early example of a return to the horizontal. The asymmetrical grouping of the whole, if not altogether successful, is a valid attempt to attain monumentality without academic formality and intelligently emphasize the various component parts of the composition.

New York Central Station copy
New York Central Station now

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