Saskatchewan Pool Elevator

Harbor Turnpike (Outer Harbor)

architect: Clarence Decatur Howe
Monarch Engineering Company (Engineering)

owner: Saskatchewan Co-operative Wheat Production Ltd.
Superior Grain Corporation (1945)
Pillsbury (1952)
Cargill Company (1964)

years built: 1925

demolished: N/A

Among all the splendid twentieth century elevators of Buffalo, this is the finest both because of its isolated site and its intrinsic excellence.

The long range of rounded ferro-concrete verticals painted with aluminum paint has a majestic purity not belied by the detail of the two great towers to the side and the delicate superstructure on top.

Such utilitarian structures set an architectural standard for this century which few architects in more conventional buildings have even approached.

Saskatchewan Pool Elevator
Saskathchewan Pool Elevator now

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