Buffalo State Hospital

Forest Avenue and Elmwood Avenue

alternate name: Richardson-Olmsted Complex

arcitecht: Henry Hobson Richardson

years built: 1895

“The general plan of this institution displays the salutory discipline of the French tradition. The splendid, solid mass and picturesque silhouettes of the main pavilion represent the early appearance of Richardson’s personal style.

The Romanesque influence, which is balanced by many features of Late Gothic inspiration, is of far less significance than the sense of rugged grandeur, the return of simplicity, the well studied proportions, the feeling for fin natural materials and the restrained use of ornament.

The earlier side wings were built of stone like the main pavilion. Later wings were built of brick to save money. Their simpler and lighter forms display the development of Richardson’s style around 1878. The simple polychrome with black brick patterns among the red is an effective device for breaking up large, plain surfaces.”

Buffalo State Hospital
Buffalo State Hospital Now

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