Lewis Stockton House

561 Franklin Street

owner: Orrin B. Titus (1854-1862)
Col. William C. Young (1862-1873)
Charles C. Clarke (1873-1884)
Herman H. Grau (1884)
Lewis Stockton (1888 , 30 Years)
Apartments (1930s)
John and Helen Dempsey (1980)
(Dempsey and Dempsey)

years built: 1851-1853

Among the most agreeable and ingenious formulas for house architecture popular in the mid-century is the ‘Italian Villa’-type with a tower, to which Prince Albert’s design for the Osborne House lent special prestige. The free planning permitted by the symmetrical composition, the lack of ornate detail and the picturesque outline produced houses which satisfied both the practical and aesthetic needs of the time. These houses are usually more satisfying to us today than the heavier, more formal and ornamental Renaissance and Gothic types. The ‘Italian Villa’ was almost an original nineteenth-century style.

Lewis Stockton House 2
Lewis Stockton House Now

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