St Paul’s Cathedral

Shelton Square (Niagara, Main, Church, North Division, South Division, Erie)

architect: Richard Upjohn
Robert W. Gibson (1890s Repairs)

owner: Episcopal Diocese of Western New York

years built: 1870

demolished: N/A

Upon his completion of Trinity Church in New York, which established his reputation, the leading contemporary architect, Upjohn, was called to Buffalo. The triangular site encouraged a more than usually picturesque composition. This counteracts a certain coldness in the academically correct fourteenth-century English forms. Upjohn considered this his masterpiece. It has been burned and several times restored along the original lines.

(Post Fire)

Before the fire St. Paul’s had one of the finest of Upjohn’s open, wooden roofs, unusually but appropriately associated with wooden nave arcades. The diaper-painted walls make up for the rather restricted lighting, and the effect is more cheerful and structural than in most Gothic Revival interiors.

St. Paul's Cathedral
St. Paul's Cathedral Now

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