Theodore Kenefick House

21 Meadow Road

architect: Edmund Gilchrist

years built: 1931

In the last decade the best traditional architecture has generally grown quieter and more restrained. If the manner of other time and places is suggested, such suggestion receives very discreet expression.

Larger windows, closer relationship of interior and exterior, more horizontal lines, more subtle use of materials, together with careful study of proportions and modified symmetry even in formal compositions indicate how far conservative designers are coming toward a more contemporary and American style.

No more than from houses like the Mixer-Lewis house will a line of development lead directly to a new architecture. Doubtless when a general modern residence style is accepted it will have some of the suavity of such work as this to temper the powerful and over-personal originality of the modern style of Frank Lloyd Wright.

Theodore Kenefick House
Theodore Kenefick now

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