Wilcox Mansion

641 Delaware Avenue

alternate names: Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural Site

architect: Thomas Tilden, George Cary (1901 Renovation)

owner: US Military, Joseph Masten (1847), Dexter Rumsey/Ansley Wilcox (1883)

years built: “1838-1842,1863, 1890s, 1901

demolished: 1876

The chief ‘temple’ house in Buffalo is very late and actually outside this period. The original structure with its entrance on Franklin St. was a two-family home for officers in the temporary army post which was built in 1838 on a site extending from Main Street to Delaware Avenue, and from North Street to Allen. In the forties when it was converted into a single house, the entrance was changed to Delaware Avenue, and a portico added. The entire house was remodeled a generation ago by George Cary.

Wilcox Mansion
Wilcox Mansion Now

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