William Hoyt House

1150/1180 Amherst Street

alternate name: Ellicott Goodrich House

architect: Joseph Ellicott (?)
Charles Cary (Addition 1910)

owner: Joseph Ellicott
Guy H. Goodrich
Charles Gerber
John C. Glenny
William B. Hoyt
Church Home of the German Evangelical Churches of Buffalo & its vicinity
Nichols School

years built: 1890-1910

demolished: C. 2003

The Goodrich house built by Joseph Ellicott in 1822 was moved to Amherst Street in 1899. At this time, and again in 1911, it was enlarged and remodeled by George Cary.

It is a pity that the general admiration for the houses of Buffalo’s earliest decades came so late that few of them have been preserved on their original sites, or moved like this and adapted for modern use.

William B. Hoyt House
William B. Hoyt House now

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